Today we shipped out the first kegs of our new 6.5% IPA – In Waves – a single hop range (this one Kohatu). We’ve also stock of Sonne a 4.8% Cascade hopped American Wheat which we are very pleased with! Trade peeps, get in touch via, or if you use Eebria via

Plenty more coming up soon! In tank now there’s something more West Coast, style which we’ll tell you more about when it’s ready for kegging early next week, and another brew planned for Thursday (looking like 6% joose, but that could change 😂)

Ten days ago we brewed a 9.3ish% Baltic Porter on the 1 bbl pilot kit, the first of a small batch bottled range we have planned. Tomorrow we brew the second of these, an 11% Imperial version of something we’ve brewed before 😉.

The continued Covid bollocks means two things. Firstly, we’ve another canning slot provisionally booked in towards the end of November (beers to be announced in due course) so we can keep supplying all you wonderful people at home who have supported us since we started brewing early this year. We are still doing home deliveries (free local) of what we have left of our own, and various guest beers. Secondly, we aren’t rushing to open our tap room for the moment, although that’s not to say we aren’t going to be doing some work on it over coming weeks!

We’ll keep you posted on everything as we move forward.

Stay safe, be sensible, lock your doors and windows by 10pm and, remember…..

Be careful out there!

As Staind once sang, “It’s been a while”. 

Generally their songs a shit but, these 4 words (arguably 5), from one of their ‘tunes’ is valid.

I just thought I’d give a little update on things. Lockdown, no lockdown, selective lockdown, it’s all been a bit tricky to plan ahead, which is great when you’ve just started out as a new brewery. 

Luckily I’ve been able to can some beers. Frustratingly this means waiting around for canners to be available and therefore a huge reduction in output. It also means a band getting shitty about things that arguably aren’t trademarked. It also means you’ve zero control over the quality of your end product, something that does not sit very well with me, and something I’ve experience issues with in one case. 

Fortunately, with the relaxing of lockdown, for now, there seems to have been a resurgence in demand for keg beer, something I’m concentrating on for now. 

Historically I’ve enjoyed brewing a myriad of styles. This is fine, until you are reliant on selling beer 😂😂. Hazy IPA? Gone in 5 days. Hazy Pale? Gone in 3 days. Wheat beer? Don’t call us, we’ll call you 😂.

Looking ahead, I’ve a single hopped range planned, the first, a Kohatu IPA being in tank now. More to follow. This week I brewed a Baltic Porter, a long lead time beer, 360 bottles of which should be ready for all your Xmas stash purchases. This is the first of many small batch brews that I plan to release alongside the larger, more ‘general’ stuff.

As a write this I’m just looking at the water treatment for tomorrow’s brew, an old school West Coast IPA. Something bitter and resinous and around 6.7%. I hope it works out and you enjoy it. Beyond this, I’ve a few big stouts planned for coming weeks, again in time for your Xmas stashes, albeit a portion of which will be sitting in various barrels beyond Xmas. 

With regards the Tap Room, I’ve been struggling to know what to do for the best, given the ever changing ‘advice’ from the Govt. For know, I’ve no opening date in mind, but rest assured work will be starting in readiness. 

Thanks for reading. Thanks for the huge support so far. Big love x 

When lockdown kicked in, we had to switch to canning our beers. This wasn’t something we anticipated or wanted to be doing so early on (literally our second brew!). However, this allowed us to get our beer out and about and we had a lot of local support, which has been fantastic and kept us treading water during extremely difficult trading conditions.

We do plan to continue canning – we’ve already decided what the next 3 will be – but have nothing booked in the diary as yet. In the meantime we are brewing every week, the output of which is going into kegs to satisfy growing demand now that many establishments are opening.

We are now starting to think about getting the necessary refurb work carried out to open our tap room, something we’ve understandably held back on over the last 5 months.


This brings us onto our remaining beer stock. We’ve dropped the prices of all of the remaining guest beer in our store, to shift as much as we can before we start clearing the place out! There are some big savings, plus we still have a 10% off deal for the ‘Tap Room @ Home’ bundles of over 8 beers with 2 free snacks! Same delviery terms apply – free local (B & selected WS postcodes) and £7.50 further afield. So, why not head over to the webshop and pick up some beers!


There are some pretty cool tees available – our collab with No Fit State Clothing “Crazy Train” tees are now available to pre-order, with tees being despatched September 15th.

We’ve also now a small number of XXL Hoodies in stock – all merch can be backordered if not in stock.

Hey folks!

I recently released the 2nd brew of our milk stout “The Number Of The Feast”. As many of you know, I’m a big music fan and, particularly, a big lover of metal.  I grew up listening to Deep Purple, Led Zep and early Fleetwood Mac and, on a school trip in the mid-80s, a mate lent me his Iron Maiden “Piece Of Mind” album on cassette.  I wore that out over the course of that week and that led to a big love of Maiden, attending their gigs at the old Birmingham Odeon, Twickenham, the NEC, Sonisphere and many more.  This love was definitely behind the inspiration for this beer, its name (I do love a good pun) and the abv – a kind of all-round homage to Maiden in a 440ml can.

However, this was soon on the radar of Iron Maiden’s legal team. Maiden have their own range of  “Trooper” beers and are keen to avoid confusion amongst fans who may have thought that this was in any way an official product. My sole intention was, as a Maiden fan, to pay tribute to that beast of a tune.  However, it’s clear that the can artwork is nearly identical to the Number Of The Beast, so they have a case for legal action against the brewery, a route we’d all obviously rather avoid.

Maiden have been extremely good and reasonable about all this, so I’ve agreed to not sell any more of this beer in its current form and relabel what stock is left of the beer, some 200 odd cans.

You can still pick up the beer on our web shop, but it’ll be shipped once we relabel it in the next couple of days.

Thanks again all for the ongoing support of Leviathan Brewing.  Keep on supporting your local indies.  Stay safe & Up The Irons!!

When Ozzy wrote a song called Crazy Train, almost 40 years ago to the day, who knew he was singing about 2020?

What. A. Fucking. Year.

We started brewing just as lockdown set in and had to shift to cans from brew 2 onwards to survive this crazy ride. However, survive we have and, as we looked to put our first beer into keg since lockdown, we hooked up with the guys over at No Fit State Clothing to collab and bring something fitting for our ‘return’ to keg.

And here it is….

CRAZY TRAIN. A 6.2% hazy IPA brewed with Southern Cross and an experimental US hop, to bring lemon and grapefruit citrus and tropical notes with a smooth bitterness.

This is going 100% into 30L kegs. Available direct to local Brum trade so hit us up! For further afield contact Eeebria Trade.

We are also mega excited about some associated merch dropping real soon, so keep em peeled for further announcements!!

3 fresh new beers are NOW live on the web shop!

Life Was Peachy DIPA, The Number Of The Feast Choc Ice Ceeam Stout and Red Before Black Triple Fruited Gose.

As before we are offering FREE local delivery to B, some WS and some WV postcodes, to all orders over £30. If you’re local, collection is available for orders of any value, and further afield delivery is £7.50 UK wide.

As we’ve 3 pretty diverse beers available this time, rather than get too prescriptive with the ‘Tap Room At Home’ beer and snack bundle we’ve done before, we are offering a coupon code “TAPROOM10” that you can add at checkout to receive 10% discount! Simply choose ANY 8 beers – either Leviathan or anything from our guest selection, choose ANY 2 snacks, and receive 10% off your beers, plus the snacks for FREE. We’ve added some great new snacks to the offering!

We are in the process also of adding the range of Pizza kits from Bare Bones Pizza, so you’ll shortly be able to add their delicious home made pizza kits to your beer orders.

TRADE CUSTOMERS – Beers are now available via Eebria Trade, via the following link…..

If you’d prefer to deal with us direct, sign up with us at

All orders will start shipping tomorrow!! Thanks to everyone for the HUGE ongoing support!


We have a new "Tap Room @ Home" bundle available! Simply select ANY 8 Beers / Ciders, add any 2 snacks and at checkout add the coupon code 'TAPROOM10 to receive 10% discount off your entire order. Click here to go to our webshop!