Mid December, 2020. After the year we’ve had, I could be forgiven for packing up the brewery and going home until Easter ’21, but in the immortal words of B Real “I ain’t going out like that”.

Saturday we are canning 2 fresh new beers, so here’s the story on our penultimate beer of 2020.

A few weeks ago, our friends from Trinity Brew, the almost new kids, almost on the block, came over for a (socially distanced) collab. The result is this – “Kiss From A Rose”, a single hop hazy IPA (6.2%), with BRU-1 hops. Sweet pineapple, tropical fruit with a bitter finish.

Kiss From A Rose? I hear you say. By Seal? WTF is metal about that? Well, quite frankly, nothing. However, on brewday, I was a little stressed about a little drip coming from the manway of the kettle. The seal is pretty specific about how it’s seated and I’d lost a brew in an incident earlier in the year. Last thing I needed was another 825L of boiling wort to mop up when I’d guests round.

We were thinking about a name for said beer and then inspiration hit me “Why don’t we call it Kiss From A Rose, as I’m obsessed with Seal”. And there you have it – tenuous as ever – but the link back to a tune. Gotta say, I do prefer the 12in version of Killer he did with Adamski, but not sure that’s the best name for a beer.

Keep an eye out over the next few days for news on when this is dropping over Xmas and New Year. All good retailers, our web store etc etc.




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