Hello! Apologies for the long silence.

It’s been, as expected, a quiet January. We’ve yet to brew this year, so we thought it was about time we pulled our fingers out and got on with it. So, lots of things to update you all on!

In the next week we’ve 2 brews planned – a Strata IPA (6ish %), which will be canned towards the end of February (with a Munich Helles currently lagering in tank) and a Czech Dark Lager that will surface late March, early April.

We’ve 2 exciting collabs in the diary at the end of Feb (more about those to follow in due course) and we’ve just signed up for a festival that will happen at some point this year, depending on Boris.

So, lots going on in the background at the moment.

Keep your eyes peeled for further updates

A huge thanks for your ongoing support! Stay safe.


As expected, England has been placed into Lockdown once again, until the middle of February.

The good news is we will continue trading, but will only be taking orders for our beers via our website. Safe, socially distanced, local deliveries will continue, as will UK wide via our couriers.

We’ve 5 beers available at the moment, a ‘tap toom at home’ box, plus DIY mixed cases of 12 or 24 beers, so head over to www,leviathanbrewing.co.uk/shop/ and grab yourself some beers!

…there’s no need to be a dick”. Paul Young, 1984.

Now, I do love a Xmas tune. I also love a Xmas beer. So, for our last beer of 2020 I thought why not jump on the fucking band wagon and bring out something Christmassy. Sort of.

And, so, here it is….

Inspired by the season of “illwill to all men”, this is a big, juicy old number. Frankincensed is a 6.5% NEIPA, packed with beautiful citrusy Citra hops, with some underlying grapefruit and piney support from Chinook, bringing a tongue tingling fruitiness and a smooth bitter finish. I do feel I’ve saved the best ’til last (for this year, IMHO).

This is being canned this coming Saturday. Once again, news to follow in the coming days on when, where etc, so keep ’em peeled.

Oh, and, p.s.Merry Xmas, be nice to each other.

Mid December, 2020. After the year we’ve had, I could be forgiven for packing up the brewery and going home until Easter ’21, but in the immortal words of B Real “I ain’t going out like that”.

Saturday we are canning 2 fresh new beers, so here’s the story on our penultimate beer of 2020.

A few weeks ago, our friends from Trinity Brew, the almost new kids, almost on the block, came over for a (socially distanced) collab. The result is this – “Kiss From A Rose”, a single hop hazy IPA (6.2%), with BRU-1 hops. Sweet pineapple, tropical fruit with a bitter finish.

Kiss From A Rose? I hear you say. By Seal? WTF is metal about that? Well, quite frankly, nothing. However, on brewday, I was a little stressed about a little drip coming from the manway of the kettle. The seal is pretty specific about how it’s seated and I’d lost a brew in an incident earlier in the year. Last thing I needed was another 825L of boiling wort to mop up when I’d guests round.

We were thinking about a name for said beer and then inspiration hit me “Why don’t we call it Kiss From A Rose, as I’m obsessed with Seal”. And there you have it – tenuous as ever – but the link back to a tune. Gotta say, I do prefer the 12in version of Killer he did with Adamski, but not sure that’s the best name for a beer.

Keep an eye out over the next few days for news on when this is dropping over Xmas and New Year. All good retailers, our web store etc etc.



Some time ago I was invited to record an episode of the Hop Forward podcast. Here, I talk with their very own Nick Law about various things Leviathan. Check it out here!

Head over and have a look at Nick’s other episodes and his other work supporting the brewing industry (he also brews himself you know!).

First of all, a MASSIVE thank you to every single one of our customers – wholesale, trade and the general drinking public – for your continued support during pretty awful times. Trading conditions are pretty dire and, without you lot, there really would be no point, so THANK YOU!

With the current, ongoing restrictions we will be continuing with our delivery service – FREE delivery around Brum and some WS postcodes for orders over £30. Nationwide delivery £7.50. We also will be open for collections of orders placed in advance on the website – simply select ‘collection’ at check out (please only select collection if you intend to collect!).

We now have a nice little take away deal available for you! Grab one of our ‘Bag for Life” and 6 beers and get 10% off your order! Not only that, whenever you bring your bag back to the taproom (when we can finally open) you’ll get 5% off take away beers for life! Just a tiny gesture to help cut down on necessary waste and help the environment. Available on click and collect orders.

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