Good afternoon!

I just wanted to give a quick update with regards a few web shop related things!

First up – merchandise.  A number of items are now back in stock – various size hoodies, caps and beanies and can be purchased now from the relevant section in the store!

Secondly, to improve the store functionality and ease of use, I have now added a product search and filter section to the right sidebar as shown below.  This allows you to filter products by category, style of beer, brewery, abv % etc.  This is will be fully live by the end of today. 

I hope this makes navigating around and finding beers a little easier!

I am also in the process of adding a lot of amazingly good guest beers to the selection, so check back later to see the full range available!



Following last week’s DIPA brew, I’d two more brews planned before I get all 3 packaged into cans in a few weeks.

Today was brewday of beer number 2. I wanted to brew something light, refreshing, indeed ‘summery’, if that’s a valid beer descriptor. I also wanted to try something mixed ferm for the first time on the grown up kit. With all that in mind, today’s brew was a Triple Fruited Gose!

Brew day went smoothly. The recipe was a traditional Wheat heavy and Pilsner grist, Himalayan sea salt and coriander added during the boil. I have literally just pitched a combinatation of a Lacto blend and German Ale yeast, and the beer is now in tank doing it’s thing for a few days, before I add a metric fucktonne of pureed Redcurrant, Blackberry and Blackcurrant.

I hope this will turn out as a nice, light, low abv, smashable summer beer. Obviously, I’ve wracked my brain as usual to come up with an inspired musical themed choice of name, suited to the beer. “Summer Breeze” by the Isley Brothers? Nice! “Miami” by Will Smith? Cute! Really worked hard on this over recent days to come up with something befitting of this ‘summery’ beer!

I give you “Red Before Black” (by Cannibal Corpse). Summery AF that tune mate.

Alright folks! It’s been a month or so and i thought a new blog post was due!

Since the last update we are now in what appears number 2 of what will be an ongoing cycle for the time being – brew and can 2 beers, have a spike of sales which gradually tails off, get busy brewing again and repeat.

The plan for the time being is to brew 3 beers, can and repeat and finally we’re almost there. We brewed last week something big – a 8.5% DIPA – and have 2 more beers planned in the next few days to complete the set of 3 that will be canned in cycle 3.

This week we’ll brew a triple fruited Gose, with Blackberry, Blackcurrant and Redcurrant, a big first for us yet something we are very much looking forward to brewing this week. Following that will be either a 6.66% milk stout or another very juicy IPA!

In other news, we’ve spent a bit of time recently updating various parts of the site to make things a little clearer and easier to use!

With our webstore being a little rough round the edges, we’ve takn a little time over the last couple of days to make a few cosmetic changes to hopefully improve the user experience.

Firstly, we’ve added a slider on the homepage to give quick access to any of our beers that are currently available through our webstore.

We’ve also made some changes to the store navigation, to make the products in your cart more easily visible. Throughout the site you will now see a Cart icon at the bottom right of the page.

Products can be found in the store in the normal way and added to your cart.

When a product is added to the store, a Cart slider appears on the right of the page, giving easy access and visibility of what beers you’ve added so far!

From here you can continue to shop or go to checkout.

Over the next few days we’ve some major improvements going live which will make navigating the store and filtering the wide range of guest beers by brewery and style so much easier. We hope you like them!

In response to the situation caused by Covid-19, we made some changes to our website to enable the sale of our beer. However, conscious that the site was a little rough and ready, we’ve been working hard to make improvements to the site.

First up, Trade Customers. We deal with quite a few repeat trade customers and are getting an increasing number of enquiries from a variety of establishments wishing to buy from us direct. Despite us now selling direct, trade sales will always be priority for us, so it’s important that we are able to respond quickly to demands for our beer from trade customers, both existing and new.

With this is mind, we’ve made some improvements to our website and the store functionality to allow Trade Orders to be managed through our online store. The benefit of this is this trade customers get instant access to our beers, their relevant wholesale prices, and orders can be processed much more efficiently. We’ve integrated our online store with both our account package and our Courier’s system, saving a significant amount of time double or triple keying information between systems.

For Trade customers wishing to register and buy from us direct the process is quite straight forward. Firstly, register via the online form found at the bottomn of our homepage.

This will take you to the registration form.

Once completed, we will be notified that you have registered and, once we’ve checked various things, we’ll approve your trade account and you’ll receive a confirmation email.

Once your account is live, return to our site and log in via the trade account login link at the bottom of the homepage. This will redirect you to a much simplified storefront, where available beers are shown in a list form and can be easily added to basket.

Once selected, click checkout and pay via debit credit card. After a number of initial purchases, credit terms can be agreed. Simple!

It’s been a bit of a hectic time of late, but I thought I’d take a moment to reflect on the past couple of weeks, give a bit of an update on what’s been going on here, what’s coming up etc etc etc.

Two and a bit weeks ago I canned 2 beers. Whilst that was always the plan medium term, I didn’t foresee a global crisis bringing this forward a few months and brews 3 and 4 going in to can! However, such strange and uncertain times brings the need to adapt, and adapting I am. The 2 beers canned have sold well, initially solely through Eebria and following the granting of our premises licence last week, through our webshop (link can be found here). Around 2400 of 3000 beers have been sold, which is pretty incredible, so thank you all.

This has meant a lot of work to make changes to the webshop, organise courier accounts for wider area deliveries and mostly myself labelling 3000 damn cans. I’ve been procuring packaging, a range of snacks and generally reorganising the area around the old ‘pilot kit’ as a bit of a packing and despatch area. The aim is always next day delivery, for trade I’ve hit that and for the free local delivery being offered – some have been. Some also have been within 2 hours and others 2 or 3 days (given the weekend). The main bottleneck has been labelling cans up quickly enough to satisfy and deliver orders and the copying of order info from our website over to the couriers website to book deliveries. I have made a few improvements over the past few days to this to free up a considerable amount of time- by integrating the webstore that I had built, with that of our courier APC, so that it’s literally a couple of mouse clicks to book collection and print the box labels. I have also invested in a semi-automatic labelling machine, which makes a huge difference, labelling 30 cans a minute. Once the next 2 beers that are being canned are out the way, the cans will arrive fully labelled! Phew.

With regards to beer, I’ve just scheduled the canning of 2 new beers for the 5th of May….

The first is “Instinct Of Survival” – a 6.3% NEIPA with Ekuanot and Citra, that has been conditioning for the last couple of weeks. Lovely mouthfeel from the oat heavy grist, nice tropical and stone fruit following from the hops, with a low bitterness.

Last week, I also found the time, somehow, to brew another new beer. Black is back…..

The second new beer is “The Darkness Within” – a Black IPA heavily dry hopped with Amarillo, Simcoe and Citra.

the darkness within 440 ml

I brewed a very small batch of this back in November while waiting for the new kit to arrive and thought I’d have a go at scaling that up to 5bbl. This is a very dark beer, full of piney, herbal and tropical hop character. #BIPACOMEBACK

Both of these will be available around May 6th for purchase via the webshop. With regards the webshop, it’s a little rough and ready looking at the moment, so expect to see gradual changes, time permitting, over coming weeks. The ‘snack’ selection is being updated regularly (ongoing reseacrh!) and this week will see guest beers starting to be added to broaden the selection, something I was looking to do in the actual Tap Room, had Covid-19 not delayed thing a little.

There are also a couple of beers brewed on the small 1/2 bl kit that will be being bottled this week, but more about these later! Moving forward, my plan is some experimental, small batch, crazy stuff on this kit, something I have always been heavily ‘into’ brewing since started.

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for listening! A huge thank you again to all of you out their who’ve purchased Leviathan beer recently. It means a lot!



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