So, another day, another press conference, another cobbled together set of restrictions based on ‘because reasons’.

Not the best year to invest everything in setting up a brewery eh? But that I’ve done and I guarantee it, and I, will still be here long beyond the challenges Covid and a bunch of Eton cunts throws at us and our customers.

After a growth in demand for kegs, following the reopening of society, the uncertainty in recent weeks has meant that pub/bar demand has dried up, with establishments understandably running down stocks. Will tonight’s announcements bring clarity and some reassurance? We will see. In the meantime I’m planning only for small pack moving forward.

I’ve 2 beers being canned on the 22/10 – “Fight Fire With Fire” a Mild, and “Every Day Comes And Goes”, an 8% breakfast stout, brewed with Ethiopian cold brew coffee that we are sourcing from a small local Indy, cacao and a touch of vanilla. An 8% mocha in a can if you will.

In the meantime I’m also continuing to brew what I can on the small kit, with 2 beers being bottled later this week – “Messe Noire”, a straight up 9.3% Baltic Porter and “Blood Red Sky” a 10.5% Coconut, Cacao and Raspberry Imperial Stout. Around 500 bottles should be available across these 2 brews. Later this week there’s a 10% Imperial Saison being brewed, with 2 more big, dark beers being brewed next week! So, lot’s of very big, very dark beers to come, just in time for Xmas.

Tap Room wise, I don’t see any point in opening this year, given the ever changing set of rules we are being hit with, and the chunk of investment needed. I am however going to be getting some refurb work done so that I can at least open as a shop for take out. I’ll update you all on that as things progress. In the meantime, I’ll have plenty of small pack, including lots of guest beer, available or free local delivery and further afield.

Wherever you are, whatever the restrictions, whatever you feel comfortable doing, get out if you can and support your local small guys. The likes of Spoons etc will survive this shit, always the first to be ‘exempt’ from proposals, restrictions. Go to your local Indy bar, bottle shop, restaurant, butchers, grocers, deli, coffee shop etc. YOU are their only support.

Fuck Amazon et al.

Be careful out there.


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