Hey folks!

I recently released the 2nd brew of our milk stout “The Number Of The Feast”. As many of you know, I’m a big music fan and, particularly, a big lover of metal.  I grew up listening to Deep Purple, Led Zep and early Fleetwood Mac and, on a school trip in the mid-80s, a mate lent me his Iron Maiden “Piece Of Mind” album on cassette.  I wore that out over the course of that week and that led to a big love of Maiden, attending their gigs at the old Birmingham Odeon, Twickenham, the NEC, Sonisphere and many more.  This love was definitely behind the inspiration for this beer, its name (I do love a good pun) and the abv – a kind of all-round homage to Maiden in a 440ml can.

However, this was soon on the radar of Iron Maiden’s legal team. Maiden have their own range of  “Trooper” beers and are keen to avoid confusion amongst fans who may have thought that this was in any way an official product. My sole intention was, as a Maiden fan, to pay tribute to that beast of a tune.  However, it’s clear that the can artwork is nearly identical to the Number Of The Beast, so they have a case for legal action against the brewery, a route we’d all obviously rather avoid.

Maiden have been extremely good and reasonable about all this, so I’ve agreed to not sell any more of this beer in its current form and relabel what stock is left of the beer, some 200 odd cans.

You can still pick up the beer on our web shop, but it’ll be shipped once we relabel it in the next couple of days.

Thanks again all for the ongoing support of Leviathan Brewing.  Keep on supporting your local indies.  Stay safe & Up The Irons!!


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