As Staind once sang, “It’s been a while”. 

Generally their songs a shit but, these 4 words (arguably 5), from one of their ‘tunes’ is valid.

I just thought I’d give a little update on things. Lockdown, no lockdown, selective lockdown, it’s all been a bit tricky to plan ahead, which is great when you’ve just started out as a new brewery. 

Luckily I’ve been able to can some beers. Frustratingly this means waiting around for canners to be available and therefore a huge reduction in output. It also means a band getting shitty about things that arguably aren’t trademarked. It also means you’ve zero control over the quality of your end product, something that does not sit very well with me, and something I’ve experience issues with in one case. 

Fortunately, with the relaxing of lockdown, for now, there seems to have been a resurgence in demand for keg beer, something I’m concentrating on for now. 

Historically I’ve enjoyed brewing a myriad of styles. This is fine, until you are reliant on selling beer 😂😂. Hazy IPA? Gone in 5 days. Hazy Pale? Gone in 3 days. Wheat beer? Don’t call us, we’ll call you 😂.

Looking ahead, I’ve a single hopped range planned, the first, a Kohatu IPA being in tank now. More to follow. This week I brewed a Baltic Porter, a long lead time beer, 360 bottles of which should be ready for all your Xmas stash purchases. This is the first of many small batch brews that I plan to release alongside the larger, more ‘general’ stuff.

As a write this I’m just looking at the water treatment for tomorrow’s brew, an old school West Coast IPA. Something bitter and resinous and around 6.7%. I hope it works out and you enjoy it. Beyond this, I’ve a few big stouts planned for coming weeks, again in time for your Xmas stashes, albeit a portion of which will be sitting in various barrels beyond Xmas. 

With regards the Tap Room, I’ve been struggling to know what to do for the best, given the ever changing ‘advice’ from the Govt. For know, I’ve no opening date in mind, but rest assured work will be starting in readiness. 

Thanks for reading. Thanks for the huge support so far. Big love x 


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