Hello! Apologies for the long silence.

It’s been, as expected, a quiet January. We’ve yet to brew this year, so we thought it was about time we pulled our fingers out and got on with it. So, lots of things to update you all on!

In the next week we’ve 2 brews planned – a Strata IPA (6ish %), which will be canned towards the end of February (with a Munich Helles currently lagering in tank) and a Czech Dark Lager that will surface late March, early April.

We’ve 2 exciting collabs in the diary at the end of Feb (more about those to follow in due course) and we’ve just signed up for a festival that will happen at some point this year, depending on Boris.

So, lots going on in the background at the moment.

Keep your eyes peeled for further updates

A huge thanks for your ongoing support! Stay safe.



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