Evening all. Hope you are all staying safe and not going stir crazy with the current goings on!

It’s been couple of weeks ago now since we went into some form of lockdown, with most pubs and bars closing for the foreseeable future. Like many in the industry I agonised for days over what to do. Should I dump beer and come back in a few months? Build the planned tap room? I spent days really wondering what to do for the best.

Now, I’d put a lot of hard work, time and money into starting the brewery. This on the face of it isn’t that important. However, the odd brew day over recent years has been a life saver and a welcome distraction from other serious health stuff going on in my life. The thought of not brewing for months wasn’t something I wanted to have to deal with, on top of a job I no longer enjoy and with life generally being considerably restricted for an indeterminate period of time.

The answer? Keep brewing! I decided, with many tap rooms and bottle shops now switching to take out or delivery only, that they’d still need beer. People sitting at home, unable to pop the local with their mates still needed beer. I, for my own sanity, still needed to brew beer.

On Monday, I’ve 3 beers going exclusively into cans. These will be available to trade customers only from Tuesday and, if the information I have is correct, will be available for general sale nationwide via our website the following week. The brewery is still just me on my own, so nobody is being forced into work, and our couriers operate with certain social distancing restrictions both when collecting and delivering.

I’ll be publishing more details tomorrow of the first 3 beers available and how to buy. If you are an Eebria user they should be on there from Tuesday, but we now have couriers in place should you prefer to deal direct (details of setting up accounts to follow!)

The week after next we should be in a position to sell direct to the public and to local customers. We also are looking at doing one or two virtual events in coming weeks, so watch this space!

Thanks for reading. Stay safe people and look after each other.



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