Alright folks! It’s been a month or so and i thought a new blog post was due!

Since the last update we are now in what appears number 2 of what will be an ongoing cycle for the time being – brew and can 2 beers, have a spike of sales which gradually tails off, get busy brewing again and repeat.

The plan for the time being is to brew 3 beers, can and repeat and finally we’re almost there. We brewed last week something big – a 8.5% DIPA – and have 2 more beers planned in the next few days to complete the set of 3 that will be canned in cycle 3.

This week we’ll brew a triple fruited Gose, with Blackberry, Blackcurrant and Redcurrant, a big first for us yet something we are very much looking forward to brewing this week. Following that will be either a 6.66% milk stout or another very juicy IPA!

In other news, we’ve spent a bit of time recently updating various parts of the site to make things a little clearer and easier to use!


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