The Beer

The Evil Has Landed - IPA

A heavily oat laden grist, a soft water profile and multiple additions of fresh NZ hops, both at whirlpool and dry-hop, and fermented with London Ale III to bring a soft, juicy beer with tropical vibes. Expect apricot, peach and hints of lemon, lime and mandarin citrus and a lingering bitter finish.

The Inspiration

The inspiration for the beer name was the QOTSA song of the same name. The song talks about grabbing a second chance at life and living life to the full, and this resonates with me for many reasons, and seemed an appropriate name for the first Leviathan beer on the larger scale.....

Going on a living spree
Plenty wanna come with me
You don't wanna miss your chance
Near-life experience
Faces making noise
Say, be good girls and boys
It ain't half empty or full
You can break the glass, or drink it all.


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