Cuckoo For Cacao Oatmeal Stout

The Beer

Cuckoo For Cacao is an Oatmeal Stout, brewed with a variety of dark malt, oats and liquid cacao. The malt selection and water adjustment work together to produce a rich, velvety beer with a smooth roast and hints of chocolate.

The Inspiration

The beer name comes from a twist on the Faith No More song 'Cuckoo For Caca. Brew day always consists of binge listening to one particular artist and when this beer was brewed it was the turn of Faith No More. The pun on this tune seemed like the perfect name for this beer!

The beer was brewed with a range of malts, including a first use of Midnight Wheat, which bring a more smoother roast and bitterness, lacking the astringency you often get with some very dark specialty malts. We've ended up with a very smooth, oatmeal stout that we are very pleased with (still thinking how to make it better next time as per usual).

We hope you enjoy it!