Blood Red BA Rye Ale

The Beer

Blood Red is a Red Rye Ale brewed with juniper berries and aged with raspberries in a Merlot barrel

The Inspiration

We are always looking to learn and try new things - new brewing techniques, new ingredients, new styles - and decided to play around a little with the use of fruit in beer, combined with barrel ageing on a small scale.

We brewed a Red Rye Ale using juniper berries. We'd a small virgin Italian oak barrel that had housed a batch of Merlot and decided to make use of it for this brew, ageing it for 6 months with raspberries.

And the name? As you can see from the picture, there was only ever going to be one name for this beer - 'Blood Red' (Slayer). We are very pleased with how this turned out and can't wait to do more of this sort of thing on a bigger scale.


We're thrilled to announce our Tap Room will be opening on April 12th and we are now taking bookings.

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