Following last week’s DIPA brew, I’d two more brews planned before I get all 3 packaged into cans in a few weeks.

Today was brewday of beer number 2. I wanted to brew something light, refreshing, indeed ‘summery’, if that’s a valid beer descriptor. I also wanted to try something mixed ferm for the first time on the grown up kit. With all that in mind, today’s brew was a Triple Fruited Gose!

Brew day went smoothly. The recipe was a traditional Wheat heavy and Pilsner grist, Himalayan sea salt and coriander added during the boil. I have literally just pitched a combinatation of a Lacto blend and German Ale yeast, and the beer is now in tank doing it’s thing for a few days, before I add a metric fucktonne of pureed Redcurrant, Blackberry and Blackcurrant.

I hope this will turn out as a nice, light, low abv, smashable summer beer. Obviously, I’ve wracked my brain as usual to come up with an inspired musical themed choice of name, suited to the beer. “Summer Breeze” by the Isley Brothers? Nice! “Miami” by Will Smith? Cute! Really worked hard on this over recent days to come up with something befitting of this ‘summery’ beer!

I give you “Red Before Black” (by Cannibal Corpse). Summery AF that tune mate.


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